Sunday, January 30, 2011

Paleo Foraging At The Farmer's Market

 What an excellent morning foraging at the farmers market yesterday. Having obtained my usual weekly fare I discovered a couple new(er) vendors that deserve to be mentioned. First up is Shani's Farm. Picked up more of the ground lamb. An excellent product.Check out their website.Quite detailed and informative.

 Visited the ESA Farms kiosk for my usual pound of ground beef but also picked up a bag of stew beef(grass fed Black Angus). Slow cooked a beef stew later in the day that was absolutely delicious. In fact we consumed it faster than I could arrange a photgraph.(wink)

  "ESA Farms raises angus beef. Our animals are raised on pasture and fed grass and hay. We do not use bio-solids on our farm. Our animals are hormone free. We bring fresh beef every Saturday to the Seaport Farmers Market. Just look for the grey fence sign."

 Dropped by the Thousand Hills Farms display and purchased some home smoked(all natural pork) bacon.Delicious! Had that for breakfast this morning with some Getaway Farms regular(grass fed) ground beef with mushrooms and celery and a couple free range eggs.

 Bought myself a tin of loose tea as well. A black tea called Nova Scotia Blue it is blended by Mahone Bay's Tea Brewery with blueberry. An awesome brew!

 I also picked up a pound of grassfed stew beef from Wild Wind Farms. I think Mr. Herygers is new to the market so I look forward to sampling the stew beef this coming week.

 It was another successful morning of foraging at the market, soaking in the good vibes of the place, enjoying a French roast and a cup of tea knowing I was doing my part in supporting our local farmers and craftspeople all while obtaining good quality produce and meats. A win win!



Cari said...

that's awesome! i just *love* going to the markets. it always leaves me feeling really inspired and refreshed!

Anonymous said...

I would love to come in and go to the market with you sometime. It sounds great.

PS I now use coconut milk in my coffee!!

Anonymous said...

You should come to Santa Rosa, CA. We have a lot of bike riders around this area.