Thursday, January 06, 2011

A Roaring Start - 2011 Cycling Season

 Thanks primarily to Mother Nature, global warming or just sheer luck the 2011 cycling season has got off to a roaring start. New Years long weekend saw me out road riding on Saturday and Sunday with a total milage of somewhere around 100km. Weather conditions were cool but managable with temps hovering around -6C depending upon windchill.

  This week I have been able to bike commute all week and although cold early in the AM the roads have been clear and dry. Bonus. My biggest fear is black ice so dry roads beckon despite the temperatures. The other advantage I have is a short commute - only 10km in total. The 5kms to work is basically down hill which is nice at 7AM on traffic lite roads. The 5kms of climbing homeward is the tradeoff but it's a good opportunity to burn off work stress and/or work on some hill training.

 The temps this week have been consistent for the most part. Cold in the mornings(-10C ish) they have risen by quitting time to -3C to 2C with sun and blue skies. How nice it is to have sunshine on one's face even if it is in January.

 Prior to Christmas I was commuting on my Devinci Silverstone but will save her for my weekend rides this winter just so I don't have to abuse her with too much road salt. My Norco Charger MTB was purchased with the intent of being my winter commute bike so after a post cyclocross cleaning she is good to go.

 A shout out to my PBK winter gillet and winter jersey. Made in Italy by MOA they are awesome. Used  in conjunction with MEC head/neck coverings, midweight jersey and snowboard gloves I am quite comfortable in temps as low as -15C. My PBK bib knickers work well and since my commute is quick my old Specialized spd shoes are sufficient at keeping my toes warm.

 I leave dress shoes and personal care products at work so I can get away with my Dell laptop bag as my only luggage. Big enough to carry my clothes and lunch. Designed like a messenger type bag the wide strap sits well over my shoulders with the weight upon my lower back. Quite comfortable while on the bike.

 Looks like some snow coming in this Saturday week might be a different story but at least the first week of the new year resulted in some decent milage. Nice!

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