Friday, January 21, 2011

Tragically Hipped

My epiphany came to me last night when I realized that the name of my favorite band (The Tragically Hip) was also a good representation of my tendancy to hurt myself. In 2005 I suffered a massive hematoma on my left hip after a bicycling crash.

 In 2009 I was struck by a boat while swimming and incurred lacerations from the outboard motor upon my left hip and thigh.

 My left hip never really recovered 100% after the hematoma. The impact point was the high spot on the pelvis where the leg bone meets the hip socket and has continued to ache since the accident. It also feels like there is a bone spur or, more likely, a calcium deposit the result of the healing process.

  I re-aggravated my hip last night at ball hockey. In a match where we were being badly outplayed by a superior team I was pushing quite hard to make something happen. It's one of those situations where you are being embarrassed(getting "schooled" suxs) so you play more aggressive for both pride and redemption. Anticipating the breakout pass from their defenseman up the floor to a forward I sprinted at full speed and angled myself past his right side to intercept the passed ball. Off balanced I was in a vulnerable position and the reaction of the opposing forward(unintentional) was to regain the ball but instead he took my left foot out from under me with the blade of his stick . Needless to say I pancaked hard upon the unforgiving tiled gym floor with my left hip sustaining the majority of the impact. OUCH!

 I'm damaged goods once again this morning. It was a hard night sleeping as I tend to sleep on my left side. There is some bruising and some swelling this morning but it will be interesting to see how much by day's end. Walking is a winching challenge...feels like I have a migraine head(hip)ache. The left side of my neck is also stiff this morning which is par for the course.The whiplash effect of the impact in both the 2005 crash and last night.Just had my chiro appointment this week too.....rats!

Alas...the things I do to myself in the pursuit of eternal youth and sport.

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