Saturday, February 26, 2011

Finbar's Cycling Club

 It is official! Finbars Cycling Club is now sanctioned with BNS as a cycling club. What started out as a jersey idea over some "recovery" drinks at the local Irish pub has taken the next step by registering with the provincial cycling body.

 In an attempt to get back to some "social" club cycling with a focus on fun some BPCC members began the "beer" rides a couple seasons ago. The relaxed pace ride(30kph) leaving Bedford for Dartmouth and the return via the Waverley road to enjoy a post ride beverage on the sunny deck of the pub gained in popularity. Before long GM and TB brainstormed the creation of a beer ride kit and with the owners of Finbars on board we ordered the initial jersey and bib from Louis Garneau.

 With the adoption of ability based racing in 2010 I was keen on enjoying a fun competitive season of racing Cat C in what amounted to a "sport" category. With average speeds around 32-35kph and more moderate tempos on the big climbs it was an enjoyable season of racing. With FCC now officially a club I will be able to wear the distinctive cycling kit at the races. I think it will be a good match...a fun kit for a fun competitive racing category. I`ll be representing a cycling club that doesn't take itself too seriously(the motto reads "a drinking club with a cycling problem.") participating in a racing Cat without excess ego and attitude.More importantly it sums up my personal approach to racing. Ride hard, ride safe but have fun! Always a pleasure.

 Tonight at the pub we are having the official release party and will be taking kit requests for another purchase of jerseys,bib shorts and jackets.Hopefully we will be able to gauge how many folks might opt to race the 2011 schedule and what Cats they plan on racing. It would be neat to field several riders and race as a team but if that doesn't happen then that is OK.

Hmmmm.......someone please tell me that Guinness is paleo friendly(wink).


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