Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ball Hockey - The Comeback(Video)

 It was another fun night at Thursday ball hockey. With at least a couple spares per squads it proved to be a fast, furious night in the gym. I was playing defense(black/white shirt) tonight which basically means you have a few key roles; move the ball to the forwards as quickly as possible despite usual forechecking pressure on the smaller playing surface, get the ball consistently on the opponents net from the point, block shots and covering your man down low in the slot.

 Initially down in the first match we rallied for a 10 -6 win. The second match the other squad definitely wanted the win and dominated much of the game. With about six minutes remaining we were down 4-2. After a shift change of forwards I received a pass from Tim(blue shirt) on the right point. Having froze the defense with a feigned slapshot(out of frame) I passed the ball back to Tim as he was cutting toward the net for a nice tipped goal.

 Once play began I intercepted a slap pass through mid court with the ball going to my defense partner. He quickly chipped it up to Tim for an quick snap shot goal. Tie game!

 With time basically gone it became a "next goal wins" scenario. John, our goalie, made some key saves to preserve the chance of a comback. Late in the match he dropped to make a save and the ball found it's way on the stick of an opposing player. With John scrambling to get across the crease I managed to deflect the ball into the lucky was that!The comeback was complete shortly thereafter when I passed the ball up to our right winger who scored the winning goal.

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