Sunday, March 06, 2011

A Day In The Life Of A Ball Hockey Goalie - Video Recap

Heading into todays matches I was a little concerned as my legs were still feeling the "love" from my bike jaunt yesterday, unkowningly suffering upon the bike for 30 kms with a mis-set rear wheel and subsequent brake rub.

Early game form was pretty good after some extra pre game stretching. Managed to win the first game, despite having the(arguably) weaker team, 10 -5 which was a nice start. I was seeing the ball well and the legs were not an issue as my side to side mobility was good.
The second match was a different story. The opposite squad were looking for revenge and dominated the second game. Facing a 4 - 1 decifit I gave up the ball trying to make something happen attempting a pass which led to a turnover and goal. head bob speaks volumes(wink)
Losing 7 -2 I made a save but didn`t control the rebound which went right on the stick of the opposing player and I was unable to recover in time to prevent the goal.Rebound control is definitely a part of the game I need to address.Shortly thereafter we had a fluke goal scored upon us that that was the proverbial "back breaker" in the second match. Having made the initial save I was in position to make the subsequent save when the ball hit my defenseman's stick, looped over me and rolled down my back into the net.
 Having lost the second game we had about 17 minutes left in our time slot for the rubber match.Being dominated in the second game I was not feeling too positive about our chances of a win. The deciding game began and the opposing squad continued to be strong...especially on the forecheck and down low around the net. I was able to weather the early storm and deny giving up a score.
Having scored the only goal and with time running out it then became a question if we could hang on for the win. Could I bag a second shutout in as many weeks?
It was an excellent day in the gym despite the mild temps outside and the temptation to go cycling. That will be the hardest issue to deal with heading into the Spring. We generally play Sunday ball hockey till the end of April which definitely interferes with early season bike training.