Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fasted Training - Rock Jumps

Having awoken to a beautiful early Spring day(sunny and 0C) but unable to get out on the bike due to ball hockey commitments this afternoon I opted to go for a short trail run, some intervals then do some bench/rock jumps. Since I decided early to do this I figured it would be a good idea to test the fasted training concept so I opted not to take any calories beforehand. A couple cups of coffee and I was good to go.

The run portion was really just a warmup before I did some Tabata style interval sprints at the local softball field. Probably no more than three kilometers(of running) in total but the intervals sure hurt. I then did two sets of 8 reps of bench jumps that were surprisingly easy. My jumping was improving!

Thats when I eyed one of the big rocks along the trail. I had noticed it before but the height was beyond my ability but today was another day. Almost flat on top it offered a stable platform.The ground was sloping away from the base of the rock so I estimate a jump height of about 33 inches.
I was quite impressed that my jumping had improved so much and set a personal best today. I love the burn that I get with jumping and figure it is a great way to develop lower body strength that should serve me well on the bike. A couple more sets later I was heading home to get ready for ballhockey but enroute through the woods I saw the boulder. Not just a rock this was a boulder and on the one side it had an indentation that would make a perfect landing spot. That said it was about 36 inches high or waist height. Feeling full of myself and confident that no one would see me fall(wink) I decided to give it an attempt.
Second personal best in the same day. Having managed two jumps I now have my new platform to build my jumping regimen upon.Same deal......once I can manage 3 sets of 8 consecutive jumps then it will be time to move higher.The belly is growling now. Time to eat and gear for for another Sunday afternoon in goal.

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