Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Father's Ghost

 Sitting in traffic leaving Bayers Lake I happened to glance to my left at the other lane of traffic only to shake my head in disbelief.There sat the ghost of my father behind the wheel of a white Chevrolet. I looked away then glanced back and if it was not his spirit it was definitely his dobbleganger. Same facial structure, nose and haircut...complete with the grey patches on his temples(age picture by thirty years)

  Despite my stare his attention remained straight forward and did not waver in the slightest. What a weird feeling. Even the tan jacket seemed identical to the one my father used to always wear those last couple years before his death.

  Now for the strangest part. Just as I took my double take the radio played 4AM by Our Lady Peace. That song always reminded me of my father after his death. The lyrics concerning the strained relationship between father and son; " I blamed my father for the wasted years...we hardly talked..." and specifically this line......"Then a phone call made me realize I'm wrong and if I don't make it know that I loved you all along...".

   Especially poignant considering I did not go to Bridgewater the day he passed away and got the news from a phone call.

  The light turned green and as traffic flowed forward I lost sight of the white Chev but by then I definitely had that haunted feeling......guess Dad doesn't like my beard.(wink)

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Cari said...

wow, that's really weird george. without sounding like a total nutcase, i saw a psychic awhile back and without me saying anything about dad, she told me that she could see that he had passed away but that he watched over his family very closely. she described him well and said that whenever you start thinking of him or get a strong feeling of him out of the blue, it's because he's there with you. she said it's never just a coincidence. if that's true, then your moment was extra weird!! it's not really all that surprising though...dad didn't always show it well but he worried about all of us and would have done anything for us if we needed him.