Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Love To Hate Hills - School Street

 Cycling home at 3:30PM from work and the beginnings of rush hour traffic means I will vary my route depending upon conditions and traffic. I don't mind rubbing elbows with cars as that is just a fact of life here in Halifax but I don't seek out traffic if I can avoid it without too much of a diversion. Going home is pretty much uphill regardless of my route so it can be a hill training session on an assortment of different hill options.

 That is why I like School street because it is a dead end with a paved path leading to Dunbrack. As a result there is little traffic so I can ride the whole lane which is nice during the winter so I can pick my line past ice, snow and the omnipresent ruts and potholes.

 The disadvantage is you are exposed with the open Bicentential Highway to your left and usually prevailing head or cross winds.Today was no exception with a steady headwind. It hurt....bad!Especially while riding my heavy Norco hardtail.Check out the tumbling litter at the 1:50 mark and the For Sale sign at 3:30. I'm no lightweight and the wind was pushing me around something fierce.

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