Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Paleo Musings - The Unshaven

 Ever since I needed to take blade to face leaving any amount of facial hair was never an option. Even just skipping a morning meant I was scratching my face off by mid afternoon. It was itchy, my skin became oily and I usually ended up developing pimples. It became a given that Georgie boy needed to de-whisker every day....all 365 days.

  One of the changes I noticed since assuming a low carb paleo WOE a year ago last month was my scalp issues improved greatly. The itching, flaking and inflamed patches basically cleared up with only occasional flare-ups(usually after cheating with bad caveman food).Interesting.

  So I started wearing a goatee last summer and had no issues and the side of my mouth-chin has always been a trouble area. Last month, just for an experiment, I did not shave for three days to see what would happen. No oily skin, no blemishes and no itching.

  Well I`m putting my face to the test again. For no reason I just didn`t shave on the past weekend. Come Monday I decided not to bother. Contrary to my life history it actually felt kinda good going unshaven unlike the usual discomfort I grew accustomed too. So as I type tonight(Wednesday) I remain unshaven for five days. That said I did trim along my jaw line to look somewhat presentable for work but I am one of those lucky guys with a  beard that grows in even and symetrical, albeit with far to much grey(wink).

Five Days

 The experiment will be for a longer other worlds I think I will grow out the beard at least for the short term. Heck - if I`m gonna eat like a Cro-Magnon why not look like one....hehehe. It will be an interesting test to see how my face responds to the facial hair. I can think of no other factor that would cause such a reversal in symptoms other than diet. The question remains whether it was anti nutrients in grains, dairy or all the crap in processed foods that had a negative effect on my skin and scalp.

 Update(April 1)

    I think today I will end my experiment. My beard has grown in quite well(I do keep it trimed short) and I have had no skin issues. Not even one pimple, annoying itching or greasy complexion. Safe to say my issues in the past may very well have been diet related. Time to shave. I don't mind the beard but with the cycling season just around the corner it seems like an oxymoron to shave my legs and not my face(wink).

Nine days

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