Friday, March 25, 2011

Sausage Cakes - Paleo Nutrition

 Last year I noticed a new sausage being listed at Sobey's. A local company the thing that jumped out at me at the time was that Cavicchi's Meats produced sausage without fillers, MSG and, most importantly, gluten. Since most processed sausages contain food additives and wheat it was a pleasant surprise.

 In fact looking at the label I determined that it was pretty close to being a paleo product consisting of pure pork,water,sugar(3 carbs per sausage), salt and spices. I've purchased the product on occasion...usually during summer and the BBQ season but had a brainstorm today at the market.

 Home in the kitchen I decided to mix up sausage cakes. Having purchased apple sausage rounds I mixed in grated turnip, potato(yeah...I know. not paleo but I wanted to try these on the family), broccoli, garlic and oregano. Mashed into patties I fried them in coconut oil till they were crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Served on a bed of fresh baby spinach with a dollop of mustard(optional - my son likes mustard) they were delicious. At the time I never thought but a side of Lewis Mountain unpasturized sauerkraut would have been prime.

 In retrospect these would be awesome eaten as leftovers....either cold or a quick paleo snack.Eight grams of fat(not counting the coconut oil) and 15 grams of protein with a few carbs from the vegetables. For us paleo folks just substitute grated carrot for potato. You could even add eggs to the mixture for extra protein/choline or to make a denser patty.

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