Saturday, March 05, 2011

So I Am Not Fat And Out Of Shape....Just Stupid!

Under sunny skies and -2C temps I got out for my first club ride of 2011. Two kilometres into the ride I'm hurting and end up dropped before we even get to the first set of train tracks on Rocky Lake road.WTF!

How can I be playing ball hockey with my best ever fitness yet suck so badly on the bike. How can I commute on a heavy MTB yet suffer so badly on a road bike? As I see the group cycle away I resolve myself to the fact my bike fitness is woeful and decide to carry on solo to start building some base miles before Spring.

Out to Fall River then back via the Waverley road/Rocky Lake all the while cursing the headwind which seemed to have more effect than strength? Meanwhile I am second guessing my winter training, diet and fasting regimens. The return was brutal. My legs are buring and I'm struggling to maintain 20kph when I finally make Bedford convinced my cycling days are over and lawnbowling is indeed in my future. Open the hatch to throw in my bike when it occurs to me to do this.......somethingh I usually do before every ride but neglected to do today.....
Sweet Lord!Thanks to Paleo I have the brawn of a Cro-Magnon but obviously the intellect of a baboon! Over the course of 30kms it didn't occur to me to get off the bike and give it an inspection. Guess that would interfere with my self doubting and personal demonization. So I'm not fat and out of shape...I'm just stupid!

Moral of the story - brake rub mimics cycling in sand and will rip your legs off(sigh). 

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