Saturday, April 09, 2011

April Club Ride

Under sunny skies, no wind and mild temperatures I participated in an early season club ride today. A decent turnout for the early season we fielded about four groups of riders upon the roads. Roads that were busy with traffic as I guess we were not the only ones taking advantage of the nice day.

Despite some intolerant motorists, including a motorcycle who swerved pass my group while having the nerve to tell us to get off the road(odd....usually our two wheel brethren are quite cool) it was an excellent  ride. My legs were feeling pretty good but the Giant race bike was a little twitchy. It will take some time to get re-used to it as I cycled this past winter exclusively on my MTB and venerable Devinci road bike.

We did have a motorist pass us then slow down substantially(on purpose) which created a sudden de-acceleration of the paceline but the group I rode with were solid riders showing good early season form and the ride out to Laurie Park was fun despite the incidence. Mid day traffic was increasing on the way home so I jumped into a smaller return group of four riders which always facilitates easier passage along the busy Waverley road.

One of my fav add ons to the usual club ride route is the Fall River Village. A quiet rolling hills loop it offers little traffic, nice pavement and the opportunity to use the whole lane. Depending on the pace of the group it can be quite challenging with a steep little climb on the backside followed by a longer false flat. It can be a leg burner as seen here in this short video I captured heading into the climb.

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