Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lactose, Casein and Goat`s Milk.

  Having some kind of sensitivity to dairy and suspecting the same for my son I began doing some investigation into alternative dairy possibilities. Herein lies my challenge - offer better/alternative nutritional options for the spouse and kids but not necessarily following a paleo/primal WOE.

  My family likes dairy and it remains a cornerstone of their nutrition.A sacred cow(pardon the pun) that would be near impossible to change. That said better choices can be made like switching to(fermented) yogourts from ice creams/sherberts, cultured butter instead of margerines, real cheese over processed slices/spreads and whole milk over the low fat product.

  I discovered a local producer of goat`s milk with a product available in the grocery stores. Further research indicated goat's milk is a better option with less lactose and a different milk protein; Alpha-S2 casein instead of the allergenic Alpha-S1 found in cow's milk. Goat's milk also does not contain agglutinin which can cause digestion issues.In fact goat's milk is more similar to human milk than any other. Here is an excellent summary of the benefits of goat's milk........

 Overall it appears to be a much better choice for those who opt to drink milk and eat diary. I bought a jug and gave both kids a glass telling them it was from a local producer but not telling them it was from a goat. I had tried a taste and I have to was delicious. The response was favorable from both of them even after I turned the jug around and they saw the goat staring back at them from the label. My spouse may be a different story as I await to hear her take on the Fox Hollow goat's milk. Surprsingly the cost was only about $.50 more for a two litre jug of local goat's milk over the usual cow's milk. Nice!

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