Friday, April 01, 2011

Paleo 2.0

 The basic premise of my paleo/primal/low carb dietary journey that began in 2010 was to identify the foods that work for me(and conversely those that did not), keep me healthy, physically fit and happy(satiated). As a result I didn`t always fall within the accepted parameters within an assortment of paleo/primal ideologies.

  Like any umbrella (nutritional) concept there are always variations and assorted methodologies ranging from rigid adherences to general consensus. Needless to say the latest post by Kurt G Harris on PaNu definitely resonates with my personal experience. Regardless of all the variations within the paleo/primal worlds there are some fundamental concepts that we all agree upon. Rather than focus on and debate the differences I prefer to accentuate and advocate those universal elements when building my personal way of eating..

"We can strive to use science and our reasoning to emulate the important elements of the evolutionary metabolic environment - the internal environment of our bodies.A way where “Paleo” no longer refers to any particular diet eaten at any particular time, but only to paleo in the sense of “old”. Traditional Neolithic, Paleolithic and modern foods that we know are healthy or are similar nutritionally or metabolically to what archaic diets might have been like..."

 Kurt identified these three Neolithic Agents of Disease(NAD); Wheat(Gluten/lectins), (excess)Fructose and(excess) Omega 6 fatty acids(Linoleic acid). Many paleo dietary "tribes" consider these as the main proponents of the Diseases of Civilization(DOC) and regardless of what style of paleo/primal you adhere too I think we can all agree that Western diets consist of too many grains, too much sugar and PUFA levels too high with a susbstantial inbalance between O6 and O3 .

 We can debate the dietary "grey" areas till the proverbial cows come home but I consider those choices a personal decision based upon the individual. If dairy works for you and doesn`t hinder your health or fitness goals then have at it. I choose not to eat nightshade vegetables not because they are New World foods but rather because they tend to aggravate my joint pain.I will (occasionally) eat cultured style butters and plain yogourts as I think fermented foods(can/do) neutralize antinutrients and are beneficial for gut flora and health. I prefer not to become too rigid/ too vague or get lost in the "paleo" details.I have choosen(over time) to build my WOE around dietary balance while avoiding grain/sugar/legume consumption and maintaining a realistic O6/O3 ratio.  I guess that is why the concept of Paleo 2.0 feels like such a good fit.


Tony Federico said...

Great post George! I think that cultivating your own "way of eating" (WOE) is where its at. Otherwise, its easy to fall into unhealthy dogmas and fanaticism about a particular "right" or "true" diet.

George said...

Exactly.Often fanaticism will just set(most)folks up for failure. As a PT I assume you often need to tailor your exercise regimens to "fit" individuals. Some you can push hard but for others you need a more gentle approach. It's no different with diet.I just hope the Paleo/primal world does not become so rigid(aka;vegans)that we lose sight of the bigger picture - clean eating and better health.

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