Friday, May 20, 2011

2011 Halifax Criterium - May 29 2011

Falmouth Flyer Update
Due to a malfunction of the finish line video for the final sprint of the Cat C race at Falmouth the results have been delayed beyond the top three podium positions. That said I did get unofficial confirmation I placed sixth which was a good result.

My winter training regimen payed dividends as my overall conditioning and power was much improved over the 2010 season.I attribute my early season form to my focus upon developing lower body strength,keeping my core strong and avoiding winter weight gain by adhering to a low carb Primal WOE.Falmouth was a good early season test and set the benchmark for the rest of the season.Since my Achilles heel remains my climbing(work in progress)I am definitely looking forward to the second race on the BNS schedule.

Thanks to the city new pavement has been put down on half the loop which is awesome. The remainder of the course is in very good shape. The only issue is the forth corner which is a little rough from where the new pavement ends combined with the gravel from the access road for the skating oval. A good sweeping before the race and a marshall stationed at the corner with a broom would be a good idea. One pothole located past the forth corner heading towards the start finish line that is problematic for any potential sprint(2:47 in video). It should be filled in prior to the race for safety reasons.Shot this video Monday morning for a bike riders POV and you will hear me call out the pothole.

The Halifax Criterium,hosted by Bicycles Plus Cycling Club,is one of the highlights of the racing season. Held in central Halifax the crit is raced around the Halifax Commons on a closed course. Offering wide boulevards and sweeping corners it is almost dead FLAT(wink)which results in fast racing.Held in conjunction with HRM's "Bike Week" it offers excellent sight lines for spectators,support from the city and includes a singlespeed and a kid's race.

Video compliments of Jim Dikaios

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