Saturday, May 14, 2011

De Chevre Goat's Milk Cheese

 Picked up a package of soft unripened Chevre style goat's milk cheese yesterday while out foraging for coconut milk. Having recently bought some local Goat's milk to try(and hope the family will drink it) I thought the cheese might be worthy of a taste test.

 Similar to cream cheese but dryer and more crumbly it imparts a delicious tanginess, just enough to let you know it is not made out of cow's milk.This unique flavor is due to the unique qualities of goat's milk fatty acids.....

"The fat globules in goat milk are significantly smaller than those in cow's milk.The smaller size, along with the lack of a protein known as agglutinin, which causes the fat in cow's milk to clump together, means that the fat in goat milk stays dispersed. Goat milk is thus naturally homogenized, resulting in a creamier texture in both the milk and cheeses.
Second, the percentage composition of three medium chain fatty acids--caproic, caprylic and capric acid--are three times higher in goat milk than in cow's milk. In fact, they were actually named after the goat (caprine) because of their abundance in goat milk!"

These medium chain fatty acids impart many health benefits and goat's milk contains twice the amount as cow's milk....35% compared to 17%. Why is this important?

"MCT have the recognized ability to provide energy without being deposited in fatty tissue of the body. And at the same time they have the triple effects of lowering, dissolving and preventing cholesterol deposits."

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