Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Intermittent Fasting and Lemon Water

Since one of my current goals is to cut back on fructose I have the challenge of eating more vegetables over less fruit. It is now a convienence issue......throwing a banana or apple in the back pack was alot easier than assembling pre cut veggies in a bag....you know the drill. Happy that I have cut way back on my fruit consumption I am a little concerned about my acid/alkaline balance now that I consume more acid ash forming foods than alkaline. Protein,(some) dairy,coffee and eggs but less fruit and about the same amount of vegetables. The fats I consume(butter and coconut oil) are basically neutral or slightly alkaline. Lemon water is a powerful alkalining agent,relatively low in fructose and easy to incorporate into any way of eating.

I might adhere to a Primal WOE but I also acknowledge the balance that comes out of the Alkaline Diet. In fact I would argue that both the Paleo and Alkaline diets share some basic truths. I have began consuming lemon water on a(regular) daily basis as a sort of nutritional insurance policy...if the whole alkaline/acid ratio is not a concern then at least I will still get the numerous benefits associated with lemons. A win win scenario at it's finest.


I continue with my periodic intermittent fasting and today was/is a fast day. While fasting at work I usually drink water, tea and coffee.Since last week I have been drinking lemon water and I drank several glasses today.What an addition to my IF strategy. Not only was it refreshing but the flavor of the lemon water only increased as the fast progressed which certainly added some variety into my fasting..

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