Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Look! There's A Bike Under All That Dirt!

I finally have gotten around to my poor neglected Norco hardtail and managed to give her a good cleaning. After a muddy Fall of cyclocross and a salty Winter of commuting the bike was in dire need of some TLC. I know some folk think a MTB is best in it`s element if it is dirty, as if the layers of grime were testiments to a bike well ridden. I generally adhere to the belief that a clean bike is a happy bike, less prone to tempermental mechanicals but that may be the "roadie" in me.

I say this most every Spring but I hope to get out trail riding much more this season. It is a shame to have the bike sitting idle in the basement. Been toying with the idea of using the Rails To Trail network for some "get away from cars" cycling though the ATV's may be as much as a nuisance. How cool would it be to cycle to Bridgewater on the old rail bed?I may also race the Cyclesmith Short Track MTB series at Seaview Park Lookoff this summer as well. On the same course as the cyclocross races it is fun, close to home and held on mostly single/doubletrack and paths.That is the key to my offroading. I have neither the bike nor skill set to tackle the serious technical trails.

 I picked up a set of Vuelta XRP Team Superlight wheels from a club mate moving to California along with a couple sets of tires for a song this past winter. Brand spanking new I guess he didn't want to transport too much stuff across the continent so gave me a great price. With the winter commuting season over I finally got these mounted.......guess I probably can take the flasher light off the seatpost now too......(wink).

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