Saturday, May 07, 2011

Love To Hate Hills - Fall River Hill

 As part of the Saturday morning club ride the jaunt over the Fall River hill usually represents the first "sprint" of the day. Since we all reform on the other side of the hill before continuing the ride out to Laurie Park the climb literally becomes an individual effort - you climb as fast or slow as you wish. In the faster groups it certainly can become race pace.

 I love this hill for what it offers. A steep little pitch at the beginning that usually dislodges riders it is always the first goal to hang on the pack there knowing that the grade will ease somewhat as you head into a false flat about midway up the climb.Even the false flat can burn the legs but gives you a little respite before it pitches upward for the final third of the climb.

 I hate the hill for that very reason.......that knoll at the bottom just plain hurts especially when the lads/ladies hit it hard from the outset. Ouchie! For me it's all about letting the elastic stretch but not break then chase back on in the middle section.In most cases I then have nothing left and see the group ride away when they sprint the top third to the crest.It remains a work in progress.

 Thanks to ZS and KT, both exceptional climbers, who opted to climb the hill at a steady tempo I was able to shoot some video. Thanks...not too often I get to see backsides on that climb.(wink)

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