Sunday, May 22, 2011

May Long Weekend - Day Two

 Under unseasonal cloudy and cool skies I opted to do a Sunday afternoon ride with some of the lads out to Enfield and back. After Saturday's club ride(Day One) I was unsure how the legs would respond since yesterday was a fast pace for excess of 34KPH compliments of some of the faster riders in the club.

 Today we were facing a steady headwind out past Laurie Park to Enfield and it was a hard effort. The legs were pretty stiff and even sitting in the seven man paceline it felt like I was pushing hard for the entire distance. AB mentioned post ride we averaged over 30kph but the wind made it seem far slower. Once in Enfield we opted to ride up towards Goff's Corner, a stretch of road that is a series of climbs over pavement that is potholed, rutted and rough. It is definitely a "Hill I Love To Hate". It was a slow ascent to say the least.Ouchie!

 The ride back to Bedford was a different story thanks to the benefit of the tailwind. The speed of the group picked up and the pace back to the shop was pretty fast.Ended up with about 65kms in the books with an average speed somewhere in the 31-32kph range. The only question now is what will Monday(Day three) hold in store?

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