Sunday, May 01, 2011

Neolithic Agents of Disease or Another "Geo Is Stuck Inside Waiting On Better Weather" Post.

Yup. I should be cycling somewhere around Enfield right about now but the cold, windy and ominous rainy looking weather has delayed plans. So........

....what better time to tackle the subject of NADs.  Within the Paleo/Primal WOEs there are issues over what foods we evolved to eat and what we did not.There are lots of debates over what we should not consume whether it be tubers, dairy, starches, nuts/seeds or nightshade(New World) vegetables. Despite these differences of opinion all generally agree that there are certain neolithic foods that are NOT optimal for health. I am unsure who (Dr Kurt Harris?) but the term Neolithic Agents of Disease was adopted that represents a trio of ill health producing foodsources.Here is Dr. H's blog posting that sums everything up quite well.......worthy of a read.

  In a nutshell or if you just want a quick read the "big" three neolithic foods to avoid or limit are; grains, industrial vegetable/seed oils and sugars.

Grains - we can only eat them if they are milled, ground or sprouted and contain anti-nutrients, among them lectins and gluten.

Industrial Oils - technology and the use of hydrocarbons and solvents have enabled food producers to mass produce high polyunsaturated oils(PUFAS) out of vegetables, legumes and seeds.PUFA ratios in Western diets are way out of whack - the optimal balance between Omega 6/3 fatty acids is 2-1. Most adherents to a Western diet can be in access from 10 -1 to 20 - 1 or even higher.Excess PUFAs are unstable and have been implicated in chronic inflamation within the body.

Sugars - Need I say more. Our Western societies are inundated with sugars. It is Legion..and getting worse with the increase use of everything!

 Probably the thing that scares me the most is these three NADs hardly ever stand alone. You will always find them working in tandem - processed foodstuffs comprised of added grains, industrial oils(soy, canola,vegetable) and to make it palatable - sugar! All are now linked to obesity,diabetes,metabolic syndrome, autoimmune diseases, coronary disease and cancer.The Horsemen of the Dietary Apocalypse.

An example.....
A popular brand of peanut butter......the stuff we grew up upon. Look at the label......

Soybean oil
Corn Dextrin
Vegetable oil(Hydrogenated no less)

Good Sweet Lord - most folk can eat it by the spoonful let alone the classic PB&J - slathering it upon bread with fructose ladened jam spreads.The sad thing is we were raised to think it as healthy.

Option - I bought a jar of the 100% all natural peanut butter for the family. Yes - you do need to stir it upon opening and keep it in the fridge but it tastes's just peanuts.The best choice might have been to wean them of it altogether but they like it so this is the next best option.

Seems like a daunting task to even attempt change huh? Here is a nice guide....

 My dietary approach, my personal Primal WOE continues to reflect a major avoidance of grains,sugars and oils (henceforth known as GSO's).The biggest challenge for me is fruit. I now curtail high fructose fruits, limit others(usually to the AM hours) and snack on berries(fresh and frozen). I only cook with coconut oil and butter.

  Its all about balance.I avoid the big three NADs like the plague but I don't sweat the small stuff anymore. I will consume some (fermented) dairy, eat starches ( mostly sweet potatoes) and not worry about the amount of carbs I eat - they are all mostly vegetable/berry sources anyway.

  The easiest thing of all tho...........just read the ingredient list. Make better choices.You are what you eat.


Wayne Pedranti said...

It is good to see more cyclists going paleo. This is good information and keep it. I am currently training for the Race Across America. I will do it on a paleo diet.

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