Friday, May 06, 2011

Paleo Staples - Rooibos Tea

 A month ago I was foraging at the Bulk Barn when I noticed they now carry loose teas in bulk. I had recently discovered the abundant flavors offered by steeping loose teas, specifically green and white, but also the traditional black teas.Needless to say I was intrigued by the selection and was drawn to a Vanilla Rooibos. Pronounced "roy boss" the red/orange tea indigenious to South Africa had a wonderful vanilla aroma.Not knowing anything about it I took a leap of faith and purchased a small bag. In reality there was no leaping involved as the beauty of the Bulk Barn is the fact that you can purchase as much/little of a product as you want.

It`s absolutely delicious! It is now a paleo staple and I keep a tea ball and container of Rooibos at work. Caffeine free it is loaded with antioxidants but without excess tannins it is a pleasant easy drinking brew. It has become an important part of my intermittant fasting regimen as well.

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