Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Aerobars, Fasted Training And The Hills Of Purcell's Cove

After Monday's recovery day I have opted to intermittent fast today. No calories since 8PM last night with only water and coffee today. I did use a little pastured 35%MF cream with the coffee. Before I depart for my(hilly) training ride I will take about four tablespoons of whey protein powder in water. This should be another good test of fasted training.

Purcell's Cove road is a bicycle friendly, scenic stretch of road adjacent to the coastal approaches to the Halifax Harbour. Being along the coast it also presents one with lots of good climbing challenges.We generally ride an out of back and is a perfect way to incorporate hill training in about an hour's ride. Short, sweet and tough depending on how fast you ride the hills.

 Not only would it be a fasted training ride but I added my aerobars yesterday to start training for the Provincial Time Trial Championship in July. It would double as a shakedown ride to evaluate my aero position. Too my delight I was able to lower the bar by two spacers (from last years position) to further hone in my aerodynamics. With less belly getting in the way and a stronger core(thank you paleo) I was able to ride in a more aggressive position yet retain my comfort.Now I wish I hadn't sold my specific time trial bike last summer.The added bonus was that annoying creak from my headset has gone away as well with the bar being lower. Methinks the stem will stay lower after the aerobars come off.

The ride went well. A total of 37 kms, lots of hills but social riding on the way out (reflective of my whopping 27kph average....wink) and chance to spend some quality time in the aerobars on the return trip.Legs felt great despite being fasted for 22 hours.This was my fifth time doing moderate to heavy training in a fasted state and have not experienced any "bonking" or other negative effects to date.

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