Thursday, June 16, 2011

Paleo Staple - Nova Scotian Bison?

Bison in the Maritimes? Seems so after I discovered some steaks and ground at the Joe Howe Superstore. Martock Glen Farms about 60kms from Halifax raise several unique species including Bison.I just had to try that and picked myself up a small steak. It wasn't cheap but worth the cost to try something new.

After You Tubing and getting advice on how to prepare bison I whipped up a marinade of olive oil, vinegar, garlic and oregano and let the steak soak while I went and played ballhockey. Home for a shower, glass of red wine and my bison steak. Dropped it in a hot pan and seared both sides but avoided overcooking the meat as per instructions on You Tube. It was basically rare but quite tasty. As a side I had two sweet potatoes; the normal orange and one that was marketed as a Carribean(Jamican) tuber. It was purple skinned with pale yellow flesh. Both were topped with some butter, cinnamon and a little Greek yogourt - an ideal sour cream replacement.

After 90 minutes of high intensity ball hockey it was a grand meal. I will definitely pick up more of the bison despite the cost. The steaks ranged from $8 - $18(CDN) but some of the larger ones could be butchered into 2 or 3 smaller cuts.Considering they are grass fed animals and available at a local supermarket that isn't too bad  in the scheme of things.Quality over quantity. Can't say it will become a paleo staple but, perhaps, more of an occasional indulgence.

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