Friday, June 17, 2011

Primal Staples - Greek Style Yogurt

It`s been a great week of discoveries at the local markets. I have been looking to taste test a full fat Greek yogurt for some time but was only able to source fat free versions? Kinda defeats the whole purpose of eating traditional yogurt doesn`t it?

Needless to say I discovered Greek Gods products in the health food section of  the Atlantic Superstore this week and saw that it was 10% milk fat(MF). The closest I was able to find(to date) was Astro's Balkan style yogourt listed at 6%MF. That said I see Astro has added a 10%MF Greek yogourt to their lineup but I have yet to see it on the store shelves. Stay tuned for a review.

The cost of the Greek Gods yogurt was more expensive than the Astro Balkan style selection but is made of organic ingredients so that explains the difference in price points. In terms of taste the GG 10%MF yogurt was delicious plain or with a little(local unpastuerized) honey and cinnamon(unbelievably good) and is noticeably thicker due to the fat content.It has a wonderful mouth feel.....the best way I can describe it is edible silk.

 It`s a win/win for us consumers with the popularity of full fat yogurts making a return to the shelves.We now have options - if price is of no concern there are organic choices as well as moderately priced non organic versions. Either way we no longer have to deal with the runny low fat stuff that is loaded with sugars just to make them palatable.


Roseville Minnesota Wellness Center said...

Thank you for your blog. I have recently started eating organic greek yogurt by suggestion of my coworkers. I mix my Maximized Living protein and Greens into it with frozen berries. It's very filling and I really like it.

I look forward to trying honey and cinnamon.

Helen K said...

This is kind of an older post, but I am seeing Astro 10% Greek Yogourt in places like Freshco (about $4.99 per 500 grams) and $4.49 at Walmart supercentre for the same amount. It's the best of all that I have had so far. I have not tried the Greek Gods stuff. Just FYI

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