Saturday, August 20, 2011

Primal Foraging - Eggs, Blueberries and Re-inventing The "Frozen" Wheel.

 I often will forage the markets, kiosks and stores looking for local Primal friendly foods. In the most unlikely of places I discovered a small general/natural food store while cycling home from a club ride.

 Happy that they carry the samel local free range eggs I usually buy at the Seaport market I was more excited to discover they sell flats of free range eggs (30) for only $8.00 CDN. Seems the egg buying public prefers large eggs so these medium/small eggs are discounted by the farmer. Who cares if they are smaller? They all cook up the same and free range eggs for less than thirty cents each is awesome.

Nature's Cove General store is located on the Bedford Highway and also carries a full range of local free range meats including pork and beef products. With the exception of the bacon the meats are all frozen but the producer - Meadowbrook - has re-invented the frozen wheel.

 Instead of the usual "bricks" of frozen meats they package their product flat. Not only does it store compactly in a freezer but you can drop the meat in a sink of cold water and within minutes it is thawed enough for cooking. No more waiting for hours for a brick of ground meat to thaw. Priceless!

Also sold is beef and poultry products from Blue Barn Farms from just up "the pave" on Hammonds Plains road. Picked up some of the ground chicken that is thawing as I type. Can't get any more local than that!

The staff are friendly, the products are delicious and they are renovating to add a cafe to the premises. Located on my usual cycling route and about a five minute drive from home I think I will become their best customer.....especially when the coffee starts to brew. As an added benefit I noticed today that they leave a cooler full of water upon the sidewalk in front of the shop for cyclists, runners and walkers free of charge! How cool is that! They even have a stainless steel bowl on the ground for the dogs.Nice!

 On the way home I stopped at Sobeys to pick up a few things and discovered the five pound boxes of fresh blueberries are in season.Retailing for $14.99 these are wild Nova Scotian berries. They are not the oversized high bush berries but cultivated wild berries I used to pick as a kid in the woods surrounding my home. They may be small but the flavor is large. They freeze well and are scoopable once frozen so very easy to incorporate into your daily diet. Wickedly good with some coconut milk and a dash of cinnamon!

In this age of inflating prices and financial instability it is so nice to be able to source local products. Not only do you support the local farmers and small business but you are keeping monies within the community, county and province. Globalism has benefits but local is where it is at!


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