Sunday, August 07, 2011

An Unintentional Metric Century

An actual cycling post? I will admit that my saddle time of late has been scant indeed between the rainy weather and a house painting project. Having once again skipped the usual Saturday club ride to continue painting on my mother's house I was happy to get on the bike today. Jumped in a ride heading to Cow Bay via Dartmouth, Waverley and Bedford. Having arrived at the shop after a 10 km warmup I was keen to log some milage considering a three part stage race is scheduled for next Sunday.

 A group of six riders comprised our Sunday morning group and based upon the attendees I expected a brisk pace for the 80 km loop. On a rolling hills course with a few tougher climbs I was curious to see how the legs responded considering my recent lack of training.I had the advantage early since I already had ten kilometres in the legs and was ready to roll and was feeling prime from the outset.

 A solid group of veteran riders with one new guy managed to navigate the hills, traffic and chop of some HRM Nova Scotian roads to Cow Bay for a photo opportunity with the Moose - a large statue overlooking the approaches to the Halifax harbour. Not quite sure why it is there and what it represents but it is kinda neat.

I usually head back over the bridge and home via Halifax when doing the loop but figured I needed the saddle time so opted to stay with the lads and continue back to Bedford. The legs were feeling good, I was not under any time restraints and post ride coffee always tastes good. Once on Waverley road the pace quickened in anticipation of turning on Rocky Lake road and the beginnings of the unofficial "race" into Bedford. I managed to hang on over the Powdermill Lake climb and the last set of train tracks before being shed off the back about two kilometres out by SR and JM who were duking it out for bragging rights.

Back at Tim's for a coffee and conversations before the solo ride home to Halifax. Managed 32.3 kph over 81 kms for the Cow Bay loop but total distance on the bike was 102.36 kms with a 30.2 kph average. Nothing like getting an unintentional metric century in the books a week before a stage race to help shore up the confidence level.

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