Saturday, September 24, 2011

September Forage


On a muggy rainy Saturday I opted to stay off the bike and headed to the Halifax Seaport Market. It has been awhile since I have been downtown so I was looking forward to any changes, new vendors and foraging up some local primal goodies.

The market was hopping this morning so a cup of Java Blend coffee was my primary goal to help bolster my courage to go shoulder to shoulder with the multitudes.Grabbed a table outside to enjoy the delicious dark blend while doing some people watching.

Inside I headed to the Cosman and Whidden kiosk to pick up some local unpasteurized honey. I have been cutting way back on my sugar consumption but the occasional taste of the sweet stuff after exercise or in a cup of coffee is prime. Today I lucked out and purchased some honeycomb - it was a delicious treat after a trail run, track sprints and hill intervals this morning.

No trip to the market is complete without a visit to the Getaway Meat Mongers shop for some local grass fed beef. They now have a permanent butcher's shop onsite and offer an assortment of fresh meats. Upon the unanimous nods and smiles of the staff I decided to try some of the fresh Elements Blend ground beef. It looked prime and I am anxious to try it later today.!/pages/Getaway-Meat-Mongers/150969901641802?sk=wall

Stopped at the Evan's Family Farm kiosk and picked up a dozen free range eggs. Not sure if they are new or just expanded their booth but they had a nice selection of meats and produce.

A push through the crowd and I found myself at the Ran-Cher Acres kiosk so I purchased a litre of the goat's milk.An excellent product and my local favorite. With all due respect to the "most interesting man in the world"....I don't often drink milk but when I do it is goat's milk.Delicious!

After the successful forage it was home for a transition into running gear and out for a rainy trail run. I actually enjoy running in the rain, especially with the humidity of late, so I added in some track sprints, hill intervals and rock jumps. Loving the burn!

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