Sunday, September 11, 2011

A September Sunday Morning

 Awoke to a beautiful sunny Fall morning this September 11 so after a cup of coffee I opted to go sprinting. A short warmup jog through my "outdoor gym", a small wooded area in my neighborhood, found me at the powerline trail and my sprinting track. It was so quiet and peaceful in the woods with the streaming sunlight and chirping birds I just sat for awhile and soaked up the crisp Fall air. Reflecting upon the day it seems surreal what happened ten years ago...the day the whole world changed.

Did some  track drills and a couple warmup sprints at the softball diamond then a series of 80 metre sprints on the hard pack of the powerline trail. The sprinting shoes are working out well now that I have adjusted to the minimalist design.

Once home I figured the morning was too nice so decided to do a solo loop of the Halifax Harbour on my road bike. I skipped the Saturday morning club ride to take care of some domestics and was itching for a bike ride. Heading out towards Bedford there was not a breath of wind. The Bedford Basin was flat oily calm, like mirror glass.

With little traffic it was a pleasant cycle out the Rocky Lake road towards Waverley enroute to Dartmouth. Perfect time to shoot a little video.

The section of Waverley road from the Rocky Lake to Dartmouth has to be one of my favorite sections of road. Most of it snakes along lakefront and the historic Shubie Canal with lots of overhanging trees and short rollers. It is white knuckled when cycling during heavy traffic but on a Sunday morning it is so darn fast and fun.

Reaching the Dartmouth city limits I found myself among competitors of a triathlon taking place at Shubie Park. Made a point of staying out of the way of any racers but still managed to snap a photo.They certainly had a great day for the event.

Meandered my way past Lake Banook and through Dartmouth on my way to the MacDonald bridge.It truly is the city of lakes and I often end up humming Matt May's song whenever I am cycling the D side.

 HRM has little bike infrastructure but at least they added a bike lane during the last major renovation of the old bridge.Not only does it let me cycle the 50 kilometre Basin Loop but it also offers some nice views of the Halifax Harbour.

Home via an easy spin through Halifax to prepare for the opening day of NFL football with a steak, new potatoes, carrots and a glass of red wine...or two. How about those Bills!!!!!

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