Tuesday, November 29, 2011

2011 BNS Point Series

 Stumbled upon the point series for the 2011 racing season. I ended up participating in only three races this past season having worked the 2011 Provincial ITT and did not attend both the Yarmouth and Cape Breton events. Sadly the Raceday stage race was cancelled at the 11th hour which was too bad - I was looking forward to the event.

 Placed 20th in the C category out of 61 competitors based upon the Falmouth(6th place) and Riverport(11th place) races and tied for 39th in the B category out of 54 competitors based on racing up a cat at the Halifax Criterium (13th place).

  Not sure what the plan is for 2012 as I am considering flipping over to TNS and competing in the duathlon race series for a change. Guess that will depend upon how well the run training proceeds over the winter.

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Ian - TKOS said...

Come over to TNS George. It is sunny over here. And in no time you will be swimming as well!