Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Back In The Saddle...Again!

 To quote Aerosmith......."I'm backkkkkkkkkkk!"

With the unseasonable Spring like weather this week it was time to start commuting to work - in other words I got the message. On the weekend I re-fit my Norco hardtail to fill the gap as commuting bike since my Devinci remains at the shop. Other than getting used to flat pedals(my spds are on my Devinci) and getting comfortable on the upright MTB it felt real nice to get back in the saddle.

Hard to believe a month away from the bike could result in such a loss of bike fitness. I took the long way home via the rails to trails route and Bayers Lake today and the legs were pretty much complaining the whole way. To quote Jens..."shut up legs!" Nerves got a little bit frayed rubbing elbows with the metal sharks on Lacewood but none decided to take a bite. Veered off on to the Powerline trail and meandered my way home. The versatility of a mtb commuter is way understated.

Not sure if I will bother attempting any club rides for the remainder of the season. It is only a matter of time before the temps drop and the roads get salted. I am loathe to use my racing bike in winter conditions so bike commuting will have to surfice till Spring. 

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