Monday, November 21, 2011

Winter Training

 Today under sunny but cool late November skies I went for a 5 km run. That makes November 21 the start of my winter training regimen (sigh).

  The Plan

 To be honest I have no plan heading into the winter as I have no idea what I am actually training for come Spring and the start of the 2012 cycling season. That is an unusual situation for me to be in as I usually have a good idea of what I want to accomplish well in advance of the season. There are some reasons for this.......

 I am unsure of the future of Finbar's Racing. The "beer" kit operating under the auspices of the BPCC banner became an official club last season. It offered the opportunity for those who had the team kit to actually race in the colors.Unfortunately GM, the president and co-founder of the club, moved out of province and there arose a general malaise as a result. I have no idea if the club will actually register with BNS for the 2012 season? I fear it may go the way of the Metro, Sportwheels and Gleneagle racing clubs.

 A couple club members within BPCC opted to create a new race team for the 2012 season and in the process of recruiting for the JBR roster effectively beheaded the BPCC race team.No need to pass judgement since I opted to race in Finbar colors last season but surfice to say that BPCC racing is now a shadow of it`s former self.

 As a result I will consider returning to BPCC just to ensure we have some blue in the peleton for 2012.In terms of membership BPCC is the largest cycling club in the Province and host of the Halifax Criterium so it would be a damn shame not to see the jersey at the races. If I opt to race I will decide which Cat come Spring after I gauge my fitness and, more importantly, if I can regain my cycling mojo lost last month........

(I gotta admit that my desire to jump back on the road bike is not where it should be. I'm confident that a cold winter of running will remedy my "meh" attitude and come Spring I will want to get back out there on the roadways.)

 It all hinges on whether I opt to race the BNS 2012 schedule at all. I have been giving some thought to taking out a TNS membership and revisiting duathlons after focusing upon road racing the last couple seasons.It will come down to my training over the course of the winter and how the body responds to the rigors of running.Having four duathlons held within close proximity to Halifax makes future participation even more attractive. I am also considering attending more non competitive club level cycling events. The last couple seasons has seen an increase in organized century/charity rides in the region.It certainly is cheaper than racing and avoids the usual ego dramas associated with competitive cycling.

 I am also investigating the possibility of playing organized ball hockey during the summer of 2012. I have recently signed on to play in another winter league in the new year. If things work out this winter I may consider scaling back my competitve cycling in favor of fun-competitive ball hockey if I can find a summer league accepting new players.


I was happy to see the trail maintenance folks were busy at work on my favorite stretch of local trail. Not only is it covered in a new layer of wood chips but rudimentary bridgeworks were created over the boggy, wet sections.Nothing fancy but it avoids wet feet which is real nice on cold winter days.

 The wood chips are a nice feature. Not only do they add some cushioning under foot that helps diffuse moisture and mud but it mitigates the impact stresses of running on my wonky back and neck.Unlike pavement, hard pack dirt or concrete there is a little bit of give to the footing to make it easier on my body.

My running of late has been more of the track sprint variety(intensity versus distance) but this winter I will flip to more short distance trail running. Since most duathlon running segments are 4 -6kms I will focus upon that distance for the most part.Might try out a pair of minimalist running shoes since I have had good success with track spikes for sprinting. I will escalate my core training this winter along with strength training. Plan is to continue to cycle commute to work this winter weather permitting.


My way of eating has become somewhat lax of late, especially since the accident on October. I have realized some weight gain probably due to my pizza indulgences and occasional flirting with grains.Gotta get back on the Primal wagon and zoom in my WOE. Work in progress......

Bottom Line

  I have no idea what I will be doing come the Spring of 2012, what colors I will wear if I opt to road race, what Cat to race, whether I will join TNS (duathlons) or just become a club cyclist and forgo competition altogether. I might even play summer ball hockey if I can snag a spot on a team? At least I can take reassurance in the fact there are lots of options. Until the big picture comes into focus I'll just continue winter running, ball hockey and bike commuting to, hopefully, maintain some kind of fitness.


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