Sunday, December 04, 2011

Ball Hockey Goalie - The F-Bomb Post

I guess the title pretty much sums up the body of this blog post. I was feeling good heading to hockey today and was seeing the ball well so I have no excuses. The first game was tied when a late comer arrived and defaulted to the other team who had one less player. Problem was he is inarguably the best ball handler and playmaker we have on the roster. His presence quickly un-leveled the playing field as the opposing squad began to dominate. We kept the first game competitive but lost 10 -8.

Second game began badly as we dropped three consecutive goals but did rally to make it a close game. The other squad were dominating the match forechecking, passing and taking advantage of our lack of a backcheck.We kept it close thanks to one of our forwards singlehandedly scoring at least 6 of our 8 goals. It quickly was becoming one of those days for me. Despite my best efforts I was unable to make that critical save or control that important rebound and the frustration in my game became evident. We eventually lost the second match 10 -8.

In the remaining 20 minutes of the third game we were totally dominated and I tweaked my lower back in the process(sigh). I'm not even sure what the final score was....I was basically a pylon for the last 15 minutes trying to minimize any further damage.

I had video taped the second game so here are some of the funnier moments.These short vids pretty much sum up my long day in nets. Warning - graphic language(wink).

 - Didn't have much of a chance on this one.Just throw yourself across the crease and hope for the best.The "third man in" was my nemesis all day long as my forwards did not commit to a backcheck.

 - I saw the play develop and knew the pass was going out to the man in the slot but I had to respect the shooter. Got across the crease in time but the redirected ball hit my inner thigh and then into the net.

 - We just tied the game at 7 and I offer a pep talk then immediately let a rebound out right back on the stick of the shooter who then beats me with a shot pass my glove.This is all on me as I have to control the initial shot better.

 -  Once again the pass came out to an opposing forward in the slot. I got across in time to make the save but somehow he managed to get his stick through me and on the ball. It was the game winner and my comment pretty much summed up how I felt about it....hehehe.

Sucked I tweaked my back but at the end of the day its just fun competitive ball hockey and I do enjoy playing it. Some days you do wish there was a backup goalie on the bench and a coach with a hook though..........(wink).

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