Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Post Holiday Season Update

Well the holidays are coming to a conclusion or at least they are for me as I head back to work tomorrow. The chaos that is the season has subsided back to the usual daily routine of domestic anarchy so everything is now right with the world.

In terms of diet I actually did well this Christmastime and limited my exposure to "bad things". With the exception of a couple Guinness and one Keiths I stayed away from the beer. I had a couple rum and cokes on one particular day but otherwise my alcohol consumption was red wine. The down side was I drank lots of it.

Food was not really an issue which was quite surprising. In previous years I was constantly tempted to eat the abundance of sweets, pastries and treats but not so much this past week. I'm not sure if my fasting regimen has improved my will power but I was able to limit my snacking - the key being able to enjoy a treat but then walk away. As a result I think I managed to limit weight gain this December despite a decided lack of exercise.

Exercise remains a challenge for me. Other than my MTB commute to work and back I have not gotten back on the road bike since the accident in early October. The plan was to (road) cycle throughout the winter season when both temperatures and road conditions allowed one to do so but my crash has ended that plan. Not only do I have no ambition to jump back into the saddle but my winter bike was involved in the accident and I am loathe to use my "race" bike for winter cycling.Not a word from my claims with the driver's insurance carrier. The lack of communication is beginning to feel somewhat annoying but I suppose these things resolve themselves at a turtle's pace.Getting some closure would help with my motivations especially if it entails the replacement of my crashed bike. Nothing like bike shopping to rekindle the cycling fire.

It is at that crossroads that I stand. Right now(but subject to change) I don't think I will bother racing bikes in the 2012 BNS race season. I am thinking about doing some duathlons instead (subject to change) but have had little desire to start any consistent running to date. I am enjoying ball hockey this winter and have signed on with another league for the rest of the winter. That will find me playing three times a week(twice on Sundays) until the Spring. Hopefully ball hockey will help exorcise my "crash demons" from my head and come April I will be keen to get back on the road bike. Time will tell - stay tuned.

Bought myself a traditional Chinese bow for Christmas and had the pleasure of shooting it yesterday.It feels good and pulls easier than my #45 hickory longbow even though it is ten pounds heavier at #55 @28.The surprise was the complimentary arrows. Made of bamboo with a traditional fletching/nock they are beautiful and function well.I have since learned that bamboo arrows also loose well on a wide range of bow poundages and are quite bombproof. I have since ordered six more from the seller.

Santa also bought me a hockey helmet for my new ball hockey league (they require helmets for liability issues). Ended up with a full cage since the helmet combo package was on sale and I could use it as a (ball hockey) goalie helmet as well. My current goalie mask is old and a little small so this gives me some options and would provide me with much better visuals. I would need to add/remove the cage each Sunday but that is no big deal.

It was good to have my sister and hubby relocate back to Canada from Australia. Now in Montreal they managed to get down and spend Christmas in Nova Scotia, For the first time in years we all managed to get together on the 25th for a family meal. Nice!

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