Monday, January 23, 2012

Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting? Part Two - IF, HGH and Type II Diabetes

"Fasting has been found effective in the treatment of type II diabetes, often reversing the condition permanently."

                                                               Stephen Harrod Buhner

An excellent primer by Idai Makaya on how IFing decreases insulin production while increasing human growth hormones which in turns promotes fat burning, lean muscle and the prevention of insulin resistence.

"(IFing) is likely to reduce the risk for diabetes and many other ‘lifestyle diseases’ - is it not likely that people with diabetes (and on medication) will require less medication if their bodies were to adapt to burning fat (and using very little glucose) and if their growth hormone levels were to be raised for most of the time ..."

"(I) had finally discovered a method that keeps my blood sugar levels at or close to the normal range. Diabetes was defeated! I naturally lost weight, and also began to experience many quality-of-life benefits which I did not expect, as well as marked improvement in measurements such as cholesterol and blood pressure......"

                                                                Lee Shurie

"The researchers were able to replicate these initial finds and also demonstrate that fasting is associated with a lower prevalence of diabetes. In fact, fasting appeared to nearly halve the odds of developing diabetes."

                                                              Jarret Morrow, M.D.

Insulin Versus HGH

"There are some indications that human growth hormone may actually improve diabetes. A study done at John Hopkins about the effects of HGH on blood glucose supports the idea that when elderly people have low human growth hormone they also have more intraabdominal fat and their insulin acts less well. "

Here`s the beauty of fasting regimens - you can activate natural* HGH production through intermittent fasting.Why is this so important?

"Basically speaking, high levels of insulin do not co-exist in the body with high levels of growth hormone. If one is high, the other is low."

                                                              Idai Makaya

How does this happen?

"HGH and insulin are opposites in function. HGH is focused on tissue repair, efficient fuel usage and anti-inflammatory immune activity. Insulin is designed for energy storage, cellular division and pro-inflammatory immune activity....Researchers at the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute found that men, who had fasted for 24 hours, had a 2000% increase in circulating HGH. Women who were tested had a 1300% increase in HGH. The researchers found that the fasting individuals had significantly reduced their triglycerides, boosted their HDL cholesterol and stabilized their blood sugar."

"HGH does play an important role in both building muscle and burning fat. It acts directly on your fat cells telling them to release stored fat for energy when you are fasting. And it also activates key pathways involved in muscle building."

(*Usual caveats apply. There have been some studies that seem to indicate that HGH therapy may increase the chance of insulin resistance and developing type 2 diabetes. From what I can determine it is usually the result of supplementing with HGH.Artificially elevating it`s presence to facilitate muscle growth, getting stronger or used as an anti-aging cure so popular with celebrities. I was unable to find any link between natural fasted increases in HGH and the negative side effects associated with artificial supplementation.)

The Take Away

In layman's terms you (naturally) increase HGH while fasting as insulin levels drop which in turns activates metabolic fat burning. This in turn begins the process of "leaning out" with less stored fat but more lean muscle.That state of being improves many health markers and helps prevent the formation of metabolic syndrome illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, cancers and type 2 diabetes. 

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