Monday, January 16, 2012

MEC Plasma USB Front and Rear Flashers - Product Review

 I tend not to do product reviews because such things can really be subjective but since my accident in October I have become much more aware of how I (as a cyclist) am perceived by motorists.That awareness is made even more acute as a winter bike commuter in Canada.

 I picked up one of the front (white) flashers last winter to facilitate a safer commute and it has been rock solid. Holds a charge well(no batteries required) but is recharged via an USB port. Brilliant! Easy to charge at home or at work.Waterproof and wrapped in flexible silicon housing it attaches to a bike's handlebar by placing the tail into an U shaped notch built into the body. No tools required except for your fingers. Brilliant.

It offers a surprisingly bright illumination for the size with a couple options; steady or flashing. On the(un-illuminated) rails to trails path bypassing Joe Howe drive it lit up the route very well in the pre dawn darkness.Brilliant!

In addition to a second front light I also picked up a rear (red) light to supplement my current battery operated flasher.Containing all the benefits of the front flasher it is designed differently but still cranks out either a steady or flasing red light. Suitable for a seatpost it could also be added to a back pack, paniers or helmet with some creativity due to it's small design. I have some concerns about the clamping attachment as it does not look as sturdy as the front lights and appears rather minimalist in design. It also does not offer side illumination due to the housing but in conjunction with my standard rear flasher it should add visability to my backside.

The best part is the price. Retailing at $9.75 CDN with no need for AA battery purchases it is a simple, cheap and effective way to be seen. They also come in a variety of colors beside basic black.Brilliant!

It's a jungle out there especially on dusk and dawn work commutes with motorists either asleep at the wheel or anxious to get home so cycle defensively and ensure you are visable to the metal sharks less they make a meal out of you.Been there done that!

Ride safe! Ride smart!

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