Saturday, January 21, 2012

Winter Walkabout - The Woods

After a pre dawn cold water dousing I opted to take advantage of yesterday's snow storm and take a hike through the woods. I love the woods in winter especially after a snowfall when the trees are shrouded in fresh powder. Not only is it quiet and peaceful but everything seems so pristine and clean.

It was chilly this morning with temperatures listed at -7C but much colder at -16C with the windchill.That is the beauty of the woods in that the trees offer protection from the prevailing winds and combined with the rising sun it feels much warmer.

The trees coated in fresh snow contrasted against the bright blue skies makes for awesome photos.

What is it about streams in winter? How the trickle of partially frozen running water seems to loudly echo in the silence of the surrounding woods. I'm not sure why but it resonates with me?

What also resonates with me after breaking trail in the snowy morning woods is a cup of coffee in the brisk air. Coffee always tastes good but after a winter hike through the snow it tastes absolutely divine.

Absolutely gorgeous day!

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