Thursday, February 02, 2012

Ball Hockey - My Full Measure

 Took a slapshot to the face tonight at ball hockey. Playing defense a rising slapshot just missed the opposing forward coming out of the zone and stuck me square on the left eye. I didn't even see it coming but it set me down on my backside pretty efficiently. I was wearing glasses tonight so the impact was deflected by the lense but the frame ended up cutting me across the bridge of my nose and down the right side.The eye itself feels OK and my vision seems normal.

 Got one sore face tonight to match my still tender backside from Sunday's slapshot off my hip.A deep bruise it almost feels like a mini hematoma and is a lovely shade of Barney The Dinosaur purple. Been a tough week! Definitely have gotten my full measure of suffering! The things I endure for the love of the game.

 I expect to have a beautiful shiner come the morning but the ice cold can of Coors Light applied directly to my cheek after the injury has done wonders keeping the swelling in check.

Feb 2 12

Swelling has gone down but got a brilliantly bruised eye developing this morning and a really sore face.Definitely puts things into persective. I got hit by a ball and not a frozen puck so I can only imagine the damage ice hockey players suffer from after puck to face impacts. I also now understand fully the reasoning behind the mandatory visor arguments.

Feb 7 2012

Five days out and I got a beauty of a shiner. Got some purple, yellow, red and even a little tinge of green. Almost perfect ball diameter too. Eye socket remains a little tender but vastly least it doesn`t hurt to sleep on it.

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