Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cold Water Dousing Part Two - Snow Rub

 Awoke today to a lovely winter's morning with temperatures hovering around the 0C mark with a light snow falling. Seemed like an ideal day to continue with my cold water dousing/hormesis experiment.

"Some follow cold water dousing with air-drying outside or in wintertime taking a "snow bath" by rubbing handfuls of snow on the body or lying/moving in it....."
 Todays dousing would be one bucket of cold tap water but I will add a snow rub afterwards to my limbs, torso and head taking advantage of the new snowfall.

Done while in a fasted state it was very refreshing and the cup of coffee afterwards never tasted better.Snow rub felt really good while the tingling sensation upon my skin lasted for quite some time after going inside.

Cold Water Dousing Part 1

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