Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dead Caveman Walking?

On CBC.ca today. New research from the Harvard School of Public Health

"This study provides clear evidence that regular consumption of red meat, especially processed meat, contributes substantially to premature death,"

"Eating one serving a day of unprocessed red meat such as beef, pork or lamb that was 86 grams in size, about the size of a deck of cards, was associated with 1.13 times increased risk of mortality..."


Really? I mean really? I better purchase a plot cause I'm on borrowed time(sigh).

Can you tell I'm calling bullsheot and want to see the science, parameters and criteria of the study. Here are some of my basic concerns.....

1 - Lumping processed meats in with regular cuts of red meat is wrong. Everyone knows processed meats are evil. Geesh.......

2 - What about grassfed, farm raised red meats. Lumping them in with processed and CAFO meats is stupid.My nerves.....

So we can assume the criteria "red meat" includes regular consumption of processed meats full of chemicals, nitrates, fillers(gluten) and presevatives. A grassfed sirloin steak is not the same as a hotdog.

3 - What else did the participants eat as part of their regular SAD diet; fast foods,processed grains, sugars and industrial seed/veg oils? The stuff that really CAUSES system wide inflamations and promotes cancer and diabetes. It's not rocket science... you are what you eat and how did they actually track it with any certainty.Food questionaires are notoriously inaccurate.

4 - Confounding lifestyle factors.Oh wait...this quote sums it up......

"In the study, men and women with higher intakes of red(incuding processed) meat were LESS likely to be physically active and were MORE likely to SMOKE, DRINK alcohol and have a  HIGHER body MASS(fat). The researchers attempted to control for these variables, but it is DIFFICULT TO SEPARATE OUT the effects of meat consumption from OTHER  lifestyle habits and a cause-and-effect relationship CAN'T be determined."

So in layman's terms the researchers are basically saying it might be all the other things other than red meat that increase the chance for premature death but insist on blaming red meat anyway.

It also begs the question - what about us red meat eaters who pursue athletics, don`t smoke, limit alcohol , avoid processed and fast foods and are fit and lean?

5 - Who paid for this study? Smells like an agenda to me. Oh wait.......

"Eating a diet rich in plant-based foods is protective, so substituting those foods for red meat offers a double benefit, Dr. Dean Ornish, an ADVOCATE for vegetarianism, said in a journal commentary ACCOMPANING the study.

Crikey!Need I say more? Same old biased headline bullsheot aimed at an unknowing public by a national media source that should know how to be objective and balanced..

"If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth..."

Harvard School Of Public Health - I'm sure there are legions of paleo/primal/ancestral advocates who will be more than willing to volunteer for a study regarding the health effects of meat consumption. We're waiting for the call......

In the meantime here is the other side of the science.

A dismantling courtesy of MDA and Denise Minger.....


A rebuttal by J Stanton at Gnolls.org....


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