Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Proverbial Horse

 Today I got back on the proverbial horse that threw me and went for a 42 kilometer group ride, the first since my accident back in October 2011. Once I got used to clipping in the pedals(I used flats on my commuting MTB bike), the aggressive position and the responsive front end of my Giant road bike I was golden and quickly rediscovered my lost road cycling mojo.

"Get Thee Behind Me..."

  I also exorcised the crash demon that has plagued me since last Fall - putting doubts about road cycling in my mind and manipulating my post crash fears of cycling among the metal sharks. I gotta admit I was tentative at the start of the ride specifically in regards to my spacing but the lads were all cycling well and were showing good early season form. The paceline was steady and the pace managable. My legs felt real good so a winter of commuting on a heavy hardtail served me well.

"The Golden Harp"

  Today's ride was a beer ride in absolutely amazing March weather. Sunshine with temps around 22C. Crazy weather! The beer ride is an out and back from Bedford to Dartmouth with some recovery drinks afterwards at Finbar's Irish Pub. I don`t drink beer often but when I do it is after a beer ride on the sunny Finbar`s patio.

Many thanks to the fellas, especially TB, for posting up the first beer ride of the 2012 season. I cannot think of a better way of starting the new season of road cycling. I`m definitely looking forward to many more this summer. Cheers!

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