Sunday, April 01, 2012

Coldsteel Trench Hawk

Since I have been spending time hiking through the adjacent woods of late I picked up a Cold Steel Trench Hawk on Ebay. Based upon the traditional tomahawk design this is one awesome tool and one every hiker, snowshoer or hunter should have. Relatively light with an unbreakable composite handle it is made from high carbon steel and fits into a backpack with ease.

The blade comes sharp and is an effective chopper. I'm guessing you could even baton with it despite the rear spike as the tang extends several inches down the handle. The spike makes an efficient digger, fire striker and I have used it to help move deadfall tree trunks. The top of the handle has integrated finger groves so it becomes a comfortable close work tool as well. It fits in your hand quite nicely.

Tomahawks were originally designed as melee type weapons and this is no exception. In close this is one handy tool for self defense from man or beast. In fact it is weighted well enough to throw if you are so inclined. I tossed it at a dead tree and proved beyond a doubt that it is bombproof having bounced it butt first on several attempts. Not sure of any situation other than target practice where one would want to throw it but it was fun to try.

 I'm definitely digging the trench hawk. I did some simple modifications by adding cork tape to the handle. Cork tape is comfortable and grippy even when wet hence the reason it is used on bicycle handlebars. I also added a lanyard and some orange surveying tape. Nothing worse that putting it down and then not being able to find it among the leaves and ground cover. It is a great multi purpose tool but requires some post usage care.Made of high carbon steel it will rust, especially if the black factory coating begins to wear off.

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