Sunday, April 29, 2012

.Cycling The PCR.

Having opted out of the club ride yesterday since it was rather inclement outside with low temps and gusting winds I was happy to see blue sky and sunshine upon waking this morning. Definitely was a cycling morning and I decided to do a solo ride out the Purcell's Cove road to Herring Cove.

A scenic bike friendly but challenging stretch of road I consider the PCR to be my favorite bike route in HRM. Close to home it offers substantial amounts of climbing with scenic coastal vistas.

 The road surface is very good out as far as Fort Redoudt and typical Nova Scotia blacktop with some chop the rest of the way to the junction with the  Herring Cove road. Overall it is a decent length of roadway for cycling and survived the freeze/thaw cycle this winter quite well. That is a good thing as I expect PCR will see me upon it quite a bit this season.

The other benefit of the route is relatively low (local) traffic familiar with cyclists.I have yet to have a negative experience with motorists after several years cycling along the route. As a community they do share the road and I am so thankful.

All that aside the best part of cycling the PCR is a rather new development. At the intersection with the Herring Cove road is Pavia - a coffee shop and art gallery.It possesses an excellent vibe, bright surroundings, outside deck and excellent coffee. I cannot think of a better location to attract the patronage of the cycling community using the popular PCR and Sambro loops.

Stopped in for a cup of java after my first ascent of the hills of PCR for 2012. Ran into LP busy grading university exams so I left him to his business and enjoyed the coffee in the mid morning sunshine before heading down the road to home. It was a good morning on the bike...a good morning indeed!

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