Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fast Girls and Bikes

I had the pleasure of joining a group of the ladies on today's BPCC Saturday morning club ride out to Fall River. Since I am not actively training for competition this season I have been able to just enjoy the social aspect of cycling and contribute to the club by hanging out at the tail of the blue train assisting in sweep and new member support.

A nice but windy day we had a large number of riders out this morning. Rumor has it we have reached 100 members and it is only April. The club is definitely attracting new members while retaining a solid cadre of veterans. It makes for a good mix upon the roads and in the coffee shops.

The ladies rode very well today despite the wndy conditions, especially facing the brutal headwinds on the return to Bedford. They are quick to say they are slow but it will not be long before they are up to speed. More important than pure speed is the ability to ride well - to maintain good pace and an  ability to hold a line. The ladies rock!

For too long I was a slave to the numbers on my cycling computer and based the quality of the bike ride on distance and speed. Now I am enjoying the fun and comradeship of getting out with likeminded cyclists for a bike ride. If I am able to assist some new members with advice and direction then even better but at the end of the ride it is now all about having fun.

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