Friday, April 06, 2012

Good Friday Part One - A Morning In The Woods

Under sunny but blustery skies I got out for some archery practice this holiday. The plan today was to work on my draw and delivery.Focus was not so much on aiming the arrow but focusing more upon the target.

Seemed to work good. I was consistently hitting the 8 inch diameter target two out of three times from about 25 yards.

I then opted to do some shooting on unlevel ground and trying to shoot accurately at partially obscured egg flat sized targets. That is the one advantage of the Chinese recurve over my longbow as I can shoot in close quarters and surrounding brush with less effort

Shooting at a static(range) target obviously is good for developing good form but stump style shooting is so fun. It does come with a price in broken arrows - I finally shattered one of my bamboo arrows when it impacted (quite unintentionally) a hard wood tree.

It was a good morning in the woods nonetheless. Home to make lunch for the kids then an afternoon on the road bike.

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