Friday, April 06, 2012

Good Friday Part Two - On The Road

Headed out upon the roadways on the Giant for only the second time since last Fall. Nothing serious since I have opted not to race this season so my focus for 2012 is simply to ride my bike and have fun. No more thinking I need an "on the rivet" training ride every time I get in the saddle and no longer will I be a slave to the numbers. In fact I may just remove the damn cycle computer altogether following AB's approach I noticed last summer during the Bridgewater Century ride.

My route today was really a recon mission. Now that the top of Fairview is now accessable from Bayers Lake via the Washmill Connector I now have an ideal loop literally in my backyard. I can head out Dunbrack/Northwest Arm Drive to St. Margaret's Bay road which will loop me to Bayers Lake where I climb Washmill to the top of Main Avenue then down to Dunbrack. Perfect little circuit for those days I do not have the time for longer rides. The climb up to the top of Main or, conversely,the climb up Washmill offers me some climbing challenge - I may not be race training but I still want to improve my overall bike fitness.

The best part of the loop is the new Second Cup cafe located on Suzie Lake Crescent. It's got a real nice vibe and will make a perfect post ride coffee stop after riding the loop or an out and back on the Rails to Trails which is another objective for this season.

It was a good afternoon on the bike. If the weather cooperates perhaps tomorrow will be the first  club ride of the season.

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