Saturday, May 19, 2012

Modoc Style Longbow

Last week I decided to refinish my Modoc style longbow in a more rustic darker mahogany stain. It had arrived from the bowyer - KP Archery - as an unfinished hickory bow to which I simply added a clearcoat.

So today I opted to take the new look long bow out for some shooting. Since I gave blood this morning I opted out of the usual club ride but wanted to do something on this sunny May 19th. I will admit my longbow has not seen much use of late and has played second fiddle to the sexier Chinese recurve I picked up last winter.

Know what? It's just basically a simple shelfless bow but shoots great. I kinda forgot how much I enjoy shooting it. I'm also digging the darker rustic look of the stain. Grip is made from tennis racket wrap - synthetic but leather like in appearance and function. The bow is a great value especially for anyone wanting to get into traditional archery.

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