Sunday, May 06, 2012

Three Fingers Below

After a leg burner of a Saturday club ride - my first hard effort on the road bike in 2012 I opted out of cycling on Sunday. The body felt good as did the legs but I am playing nets tonight in my ECBHL game and figured another fast ride around Cow Bay probably was not a good idea, especially considering my neck issues of late.

That said I awoke to an absolutely lovely May day complete with blue skies and sunshine. I considered heading out to Falmouth and watch the first road race on the BNS schedule but ended up heading into the woods for some archery practice.

If there is one sport that requires hours of repetition it is traditional archery.Practice does make perfect when shooting a bow especially if it is instinctive shooting. It can be frustrating at times; some days it seems easy and other days it is not.

So today I tried an experiment. I have always used a split finger grip with one finger above the nock and two fingers below. I began shooting that way this morning but then switched over to three fingers below the arrow nock. I noticed an immediate difference in my draw, sighting the target and the power of the release. Loosing the arrows resulted in increased velocity or at least that was my impression based upon the impacts on the target. Going forward I am going to focus on the three fingers below and see if it continues to make a difference in my technique.

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