Saturday, June 02, 2012

A Day In The Life - June 2 2012

 In pictures....

AA and I chilling in the sweep group on the BPCC Saturday morning club BFF.

Playing in the woods with my longbow.........

A glass of shiraz on the deck watching the world pass by.......the Noble Grape!

Followed shortly thereafter by BBQ steak, baked potato and unpasturized saurkraut. If we could get folks to consume unpasturized fermented foods on a daily basis we would solve the health crisis. A healthy belly is a healthy body. It;s as simple as that!

I'm a decent cyclist, an ok ball hockey player and an improving archer but I am a gold medalist in the kitchen. Chief cook and bottle washer....I rock the dishwashing world!

Trimming the bush..... tidy bushes are the best!(wink)

My overgrown garden - before pic. Lemon Balm is lovely and smells wonderful but takes over in short order.

After some Hostas, Lady's Mantle, Lemon Balm, Lilies, Chives, Purple Coneflower, several unknowns (but pretty), Raspberries and Rhubarb.

Can't remember what this is but it flowers and grows up the trunk of the Willow tree.

Feeding stump for my local murder of crows. Crows rock!

Can't believe I grew this "rockin the aviators" weed. Mercy!

My little piece of the communal row of townhouses back yard. Not much but I'm a simple fella and don't ask for much.

Me "rockin the bike tan", watching the sunset over Halifax West with glass in hand, waiting for the hockey game. Go Devils!

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